Old Time Radio

Old Time Radio

Amazon Alexa Skill

Amazon Echo device

Transform your Amazon Alexa device into a vintage radio with this Old Time Radio skill.

Listen to classic radio shows from a bygone era. Shows such as Philip Marlowe and Dragnet. Whatever your taste in shows, you’re sure to find it on Old Time Radio.

Browse the shows: AlexaOTR.com
To start – just say ‘Alexa, start Old Time Radio‘.
Or, you can jump straight in and say – ‘Alexa, ask Old Time Radio to play Ranger Bill‘.

If you’re not sure which Old Time Radio station to listen to, you can always play a station by genre.
The genres are: Comedy, Horror, Drama and Various.
Just say: ‘Alexa, ask Old Time Radio to play Comedy

Also features vintage commercials!

Add this vintage radio skill to your Alexa today!

Old Time Radio

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